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Day 8: Hon, you never fail to surprise me!

Day 8: Hon, you never fail to surprise me!

8/30 Days of Gratitude

I love surprises like I love chocolates! 

Those are sweet and unforgettable hehe. Just like the dark choco you gave us the other day. I still can’t get over it hehe. (so much kilig! hehe)

Just a question Hon, how did you know what’s on my mind? 

I am starting to believe you ’re something huh...a clairvoyant? (kidding!) Or you just know me too well? hehe.

You always surprise me, Hon. You always do -

those many times you came home, unannounced,

those kitchen wares and gadgets you bought me even I didn’t ask you to,

your random acts of kindness,

your "okay lang" attitude,

your naughtiness and childlike approach at times yet matured thinking most of the time,

your generosity,

your sensitivity,

your creativity,

your "diskarte"

your logic,

your wit,

your unconditional love, 

There are a lot more actually and those never go unnoticed.

The more that I get to know you, the more that I'm amazed at you.

So let me put this into words once again. As cheesy as it may sound (but I don't care! hehe) - You never fail to surprise me, Hon.

And I’m so grateful for all that YOU ARE to us.

Hon, you never fail to surprise me!
Home is anywhere I'm with you :)

30 Days of Gratitude                                 photos credit to pixabay.com


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