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Day 7: Nanay, talking to you is always the best!

Day 7: Nanay, talking to you is always the best!

7/30 Days of Gratitude

Hi Nay, you know I always say this but I still want to put into words how much I’m thankful for you.

Talking to you is always the best! It’s like a breath of fresh air when I’m feeling blue. Your humor and wit are magnets. Maybe that’s the reason why anybody (either young or old) can feel at ease with you in an instant. I might be biased here coz I’m your daughter but to be honest, you are such an inspiration!

You’re 73! Still doesn’t show, Nay. Your smile never fades. Your sunny disposition is remarkable. Are those your secrets to aging gracefully???

Wish I could be like you. Wish I could reach your age so I could also see and serve my children’s children.

Nanay, you always say the right words at the right time, when I need to hear something.

The other day, you told me about contentment - of not wanting more than what you need, of not being envious of others and just how grateful you are that "WE" are your children. 

You nailed it again, Nay. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I get caught with that “Fear of Missing Out” syndrome too. I also feel inadequate at times when I look at social media and see all those flaunting photos of my friends’ awesome adventures and success, while I feel stuck in my own zone.

There’s this endless comparison with others. Don't you agree?

So thank you, Nay. Thank you for reminding me to be simple and contented.

How I really want to emulate you. You make it seem so easy...

Again, you said that you are grateful that we are your children but I am more grateful that YOU are my mother, Nanay. šŸ’•

Day 7: Nanay, talking to you is always the best!
Nanay with her grandchildren from me. The far right photo was taken a decade ago :)

30 Days of Gratitude            photos credit to pixabay.com


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