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Day 4-6: I Shouldn’t be Blogging Today but I did it Anyway...

Day 4-6: I Shouldn’t be Blogging Today but I did it Anyway...

6/30 Days of Gratitude

Hello cheerful Moms and dearest readers, from The Cheerful Spirit’s home!

Yup, the title says it all. I shouldn’t be blogging for the last three days. It’s a bit frustrating for me, feeling like the unproductive blogger again. For the nth time, there’s always this rant inside my head lol.

So, in the middle of June, I challenged myself to write a gratitude journal every day. Well, came day 4 and things got out of hand.

My ever active and alert 2-year-old daughter started to get sick. Oh, poor little baby! Must be the weather coz where we are now, it’s a lot colder than where we came from. So yeah, must be the weather.

Did I not tell you what she’s like when she’s not her best? She would cry, scream bloody murder, throw tantrums for no apparent reasons etc. *Sigh* Terrible twos, anyone?

I don’t consider her having a fever (based on the thermometer reading) but she’s hotter than normal, had a cough and colds + shortness of breath which alarmed me. Times like this, I felt like I was also going to get sick. If only I could take the virus away from hugging and kissing. 

So there we were, just cuddling with each other, she wouldn’t let me go. She just wanted my full and undivided attention (not even a glance at my cell phone or else she cries. I only blog through my phone by the way).

Literally, my hands were tied.

Our house was a mess - the sink, the pile of laundry, the food still undone and my first born son was about to get home from school. Normally, I want everything in place before my son arrives. I’d like him to find a relaxing and cozy home with his food ready, after a tiring day in school. But with these things going on, I’m way...way behind from all my tasks for the day, umm, I mean for the next couple of days.*Face palm*

I know I’m not the only one who deals with such difficulties. Those are just typical for us "yaya-less" SAHM, right?

Naturally, I'm adapting this habit of being "okay not to be okay", not being too hard on myself and giving me a pat on the back for every small accomplishment I made. And somehow it works! 

Household chores are always there - never-ending. So why should I fuss? Those aren't life-threatening anyway… (some words to keep me sane haha) 

My baby’s current situation is far more important than anything else. 

Initially, I said I shouldn't be blogging. I mean, what should I be thankful for? 

Thinking about it now, I’m so grateful she’s free from sickness after three days. Mother's care is really the best, do you agree? I'm also thankful for my health and strong immunity, albeit my lack of sleep. Finally, I’m grateful for my eldest son. He's so understanding and a helping hand when I was unable to do so. 

What are you thankful for today, lovelies?

30 Days of Gratitude      photocredit to: www.pixabay.com


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