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Day 2: Precious Gifts

2/30 Days of Gratitude

Two weeks ago, my eldest son started school in junior high. Oh, can somebody pinch me? The last time I checked, he was just that small in the picture above. Now, he’s already in 7th grade. I mean, where has the time gone? (Just being my sentimental self again, sorry!)

Anyways, so here he is now in my old high school (one of the reasons why we moved here from Manila). After all the plans, we decided it would be best for him to study here in the next six years. Why not, it’s one of the most competitive high schools in Quezon province. And being an alumna, I can attest to that.

Initially, we wanted to enroll him in a special program. Thus, we were so happy and thankful when we got the result showing he qualified for the Science Enhancement Program with flying colors, after a difficult exam and interview.

I’m just so proud of him even if it's still early to say! I know it’s going to be tough being in the highest section (with all the researches, projects and grades to be maintained) but I believe my son can manage. 

I always believe in his wit and wisdom, and will always be grateful for that.

Today, I’m reminded of one of my most precious gifts - my first born. He amazes me every day. He’s smart, responsible, reliable, funny and a loving Kuya to his baby sister. I love him so much!

May the good Lord always bless his kind heart.

30 Days of Gratitude


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