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Day 1: Everyday View from Home

Day 1: Everyday View from Home - Mt. Banahaw

1/30 Days of Gratitude

So this is going to be my first journal entry. I’m a little hesitant doing this, to be honest. 

Part of me says, this is something personal and being a private person, this isn’t really my style. 

But the other part of me says to just go, be fearless and follow whatever my heart desires. 

I'm choosing the latter this time. After all, this is a personal blog so I should be sharing some personal things about me too hehe. 

If you happened to read my previous post, I mentioned that we recently moved from Manila to this lovely town turned city, which is my hometown

Every day, I’m greeted by this majestic view. 

Day 1: Everyday View from Home - Mt. Banahaw
Oh why, oh why you never fail to mesmerize me Mt. Banahaw? (from a different angle)

I’m grateful that I feel so much closer to nature now, which reminds me of God’s marvelous works everyday!

But you know what, such is not the case if you could ask my younger self. 

I was drawn to cityscapes and colorful city lights. 

Fast-paced lifestyle and lively noises in the Metro fascinated me. 

Soon, I left my hometown to further study in Manila. 

It was challenging for a young sixteener. 

And I loved challenges as I was constantly on the verge of proving something for myself...then. 

Till my first-born opened a new perspective on the way I see my old place. 

One time, while we’re walking after a swim, he casually told me how he loved the rural life... the green sceneries, the freshness of the air, birds singing and the total ambiance someone living in the Metro can’t get

I guess we’re complete opposite when I was his age but somehow, his words hit a soft spot in my heart

Everyday View from Home
I used to dream of bright city lights but now I just look up. Inspirations are everywhere.

So how can I refuse when he told me he wanted to study here in high school? * Anything for my son *

I know he’s much happier now that he’s closer to his cousins, other relatives and of course to nature.

And I couldn’t be happier as well :)

30 Days of Gratitude


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