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Simple Halloween Make-up for Kids

halloween make-up for kids

Hi Moms!

Looks like we couldn't escape the Halloween fever, right? So just today, my 12 year old son insisted that we do that scary make-up thing for him for the “Trick or treat.” I thought it would be fun since I used to do that when he was little. 

But wait, I am no make-up artist 😊. I just know the basic because I always wear one when going out. (I use only light make-up though.) Disclaimer: I'm not really an expert with this. (wish I were haha)

Let me just share with you some photos and ideas on what we did today. 

Okay, so to begin with, I didn't purchase anything. He has an old costume from two years back and it's still in good shape. I only used what we presently have like the following:
  • Johnson’s baby powder
  • red lipstick (you can use any color of your choice)
  • Sticker (unused from my hubby’s Halloween party 😊)

halloween make up for kids1
these simple things will do the trick!

This look is actually my son’s idea. I’m not even sure if this is creepy enough (lol) but we surely had fun while doing this. And that's more important. This is so easy Moms!

1. Make sure that his face is clean.

make sure that his face is clean

2. Apply baby powder till the whole face is white.

apply baby powder till the whole face is white.

3. Apply red  lipstick (or whatever color you like). I’ve overdone it to achieve “The Joker’s" smile. Then apply jagged marks on those lines.

apply red  lipstick

4. Since I don't have an eyeliner, again I apply red lipstick heavily around his eyes then on his nose.Take the sticker of your choice and place them under the eyes and forehead.

apply red lipstick heavily around his eyes

5. Wear something black. For my son, it’s his old Dracula’s costume plus a hat. For photography’s sake, use a flashlight for a scary effect. Taddaaa!!!

wear something black

So simple right? I know you can do better than this with your limitless imagination :) 

Watch this short video for the complete look. 


And because we were enjoying the activity, we also let our cute little one to strike a pose wearing her "Kuya's" cape.  

cute little one strikes a pose

cute little one strikes a pose

cute little one strikes a pose

cute little one strikes a pose

Sooo adorable! 


Here are some more make-up ideas that you can try on your kids. Photos via Pinterest.

the Scarecrow
The Scarecrow

little Pirate
Little Pirate


Indian Girl

Cat Girl


The Tiger

Skeleton Face

I really love these photos! Hope you Moms get some ideas. I know you can be more creative! 


Updated: Sept. 26, 2018


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