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10 Perks of Having My Mother-In-Law Around

10 Perks of Having My Mother-In-Law Around

I mean no sarcasm here to begin with.

My mom once told me that, "If you love your mother, the more that you should love your mother-in-law." I just asked myself why and then shrugged it off.

"Monster-in-law," "kontrabida," most of us have these connotations with the word mother-in-law. I, for one is no exception. But when I first met my "biyenan" (MIL) 12 years ago, I already knew for sure she's not the type of "mother-in-law" I imagined her to be. Surprisingly, she was kind and sweet. (I must be so lucky!)

For 11 years that she's been with us, of course I can't say that everyday is smooth sailing. We're both not perfect thus petty arguments are inevitable. But those small conflicts are also the same reasons why I get closer to her as time passes by.

And I can think of so many ways why I feel so blessed to have her around.

10 Perks of Having My Mother-In-Law Around

1. HEARTY MEALS. My "biyenan" really cooks so well (that's an understatement!) She's the best cook, wish I could be like her lol. So with her around, our family enjoys real and nutritious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. LOVE. I can see and feel how she loves my first born son as she gives in to his every whims most of the time. But all grandmas I think are spoiler whether they admit it or not, right? :)

3. She's a GREAT HELP. Meaning I can take a bath, eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner worry free because she's here to hold or watch over my 9 month old baby.

4. CARE. I had a CS operation with my second child and you probably know how hard it was to move around during the first few weeks. She was there to check on me and my baby from time to time to see if we were OK or needed something.

Mom in law cares

5. THOUGHTFULNESS. Whenever she can, she makes it a point to bring "pasalubong" for us. She also buys me clothes (even undies) which is so sweet.

6. TOLERANCE. I can be hardheaded and moody at times or slow (most of the time!) but she really puts up with me. She must have lots of patience.

7. CLEANLINESS. Our house is a picture of organized chaos (you know kids) but it's still clean and dust free courtesy of my "biyenan".

8. SUPPORT. My hubby and I have our fair share of mistakes and impulsiveness that led to wrong decisions in the course of our married life. It's a good thing that she's here to give constant support to us - be it moral or financial (hehe).

9. RELIABILITY. I know I can always count on her to look after my kids whenever I go out for some personal or business related matters.

and finally...

10. WORDS of WISDOM. I get a lot of good advice about life, family, raising kids plus unlimited "chikahan". In short, I can talk about almost anything to her.

Mom in law wisdom

Going back to what my mom used to tell me? DEFINITELY! I have found my love for my "biyenan" years ago. Time to see your mothers-in-law in a different light too!


photocredit to pixabay.com, shutterstock.com


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  1. It takes a village. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful mother in law as well

    1. Yes, we must be lucky and blessed..thanks for sharing your thoughts.😄